Olga Kovalchuk – review

Hello everyone! My name is Olga Kovalchuk! 

The immigration process of my family to the US began in September 2013. While being in Russia we went to one agency and paid for some services such as a meeting at the airport. However, when we have arrived, this agency’s representative just disappeared. I was literally shocked, especially, without a knowledge of English language and with a 6-year-old child. 

Somehow, we checked into a hotel and started looking for housing, but it is very difficult to rent a place without credit history. On the 3rd day of our stay in the USA, when we were almost hopeless, I got in touch with Svetlana and she made an appointment for us to inspect the housing. After this meeting and examining the apartment, we have not been waiting long. A couple days later, she called us to say that we can rent it. Our happiness knew no bounds. She also asked if I have a job and suggested a person who can help. That is how we met Arlen – the president of Job Exchange Inc, which is a licensed employment agency in Massachusetts, and they help not only Americans, but also Russian-speaking people to find jobs.  

We visited their office, filled out all forms and within 2 days, I got a job, and my child started going to school.  

At the same time, Svetlana and Arlen helped us to get all furniture needed for our new house, picked up my child from school every day, and gave us support. 

Our family is so grateful for the help provided to us in the beginning of this American life!