About us

The story of our corporation begins in 1997 and today it has created many departments related to each other.

The first department, Ocean Fresh Inc., was founded in 1997, where we were engaged in the wholesale supply of red and black caviar from Russia and Iran (https://oceanfreshinc.net) to the USA.

The second department began its activity in 2000, where our employees, using the corporation’s database and obtaining the necessary licenses, started to employ people from all over the world (http://jobexchangeinc.org/).

In order to fully promote our businesses, in 2008 the Studio Sunday TV was established (http://studiosundaytv.com/), which in reality became another department of Ocean Fresh Inc. At first, this department worked only in the direction of self-promotion, but so far, with acquired modern equipment, it has begun to bring additional profit to the corporation.

In 2019, Ocean Fresh Inc. together with representatives of several other agencies located in European countries launched the international project “Boston-Svakha”. This is elite international dating club where people from different places not only find themselves, but also help other people find their “soul mate” (http://boston-svakha.com/).

Each of our divisions was opened in accordance with people needs by providing with various types of services.

In addition, every department has its own database, but there is a mutual exchange between them at the same time, which allows us to solve customer problems most effectively and in a short period.

Each of our departments has the necessary licenses and insurances. Our customers, using the services of even only one department, automatically become customers of the entire corporation, receiving a permanent 10% discount on all types of services!

License to establish and conduct an Employment Agency

Please check our license at Government Portal