Jobs Exchange Inc. provides employment assistance for various professions – “from a janitor to a cosmonaut”. Our consultants personally contact with employers, introducing candidates “at its best”. Future employers receive not only your resume, but also full information about education, work experience, and additional skills. What’s more, employers are interested in personal qualities and even marital status, since many of the jobs have a floating schedule. In cooperation with Real Estate department, Job Exchange Inc., will find you a job conveniently located to your place of residence. With years of experience working with real estate in Massachusetts (Broker Real Estate license), our brokers can provide you with a new accommodation that will tailor any preferences.  

Employment and career in the United States provide many opportunities, and many people do not even know about it! Habitual daily routine is difficult to break, because for people it feels like a comfort zone.  Nowadays, many of them forget what they really like, since they have only one goal: to make a lot of money. And it is not surprising that only a few people want to change present jobs, because there is no time to think that work might be loved! Knowing all skills, talents and experience, everyone can try oneself in various fields of employment, taking up the work that will bring both financial stability and moral satisfaction in the near future. When work is a pleasure and you live in a cozy home in a socially protected country, where you and your children have prospects – this is happiness!