Olga Borisova – review

Hello you all!

My name is Olga Borisova, and I am a doctor from Russia. At one point of my life, I had an idea to move to America with my youngest child. We used to travel to this country a lot in the past, drove around (from NYC to Michigan), so we were familiar with both skyscrapers and “one-story America”. Originally, we are from Rostov-on-Don (Russia); the size of this city is quite big. Thus, we did not plan to live in a small town but at the same time, NYC was excessively big and expensive for us.

I started looking for any helpful information on the Internet. More than 1,200(!) people responded to my first post on Facebook. Comments were controversial: from “stay at home, you have nothing to do in USA” to “come here, we will help and support”. Tourist America is fundamentally different from emigrant America; we did not have any relatives or friends to whom we could turn for help. Also, my English level was not even intermediate and this fact made our American life more complicated.

Even very positive feedback was saying, “it will be very difficult, get ready to sleep on inflatable beds, work on the most unskilled work for the minimum wage, and be happy, if you immediately find an accommodation, temporary work and school for your child “. As well, almost all respondents wrote: bring a lot of money; there is no way to survive without it!

Luckily for us, I saw a message from a representative of Job Exchange Inc which is the one and only Russian-speaking licensed employment agency in Massachusetts. I have not replied to it but a few days after I got a direct message from them again. It said, “You are probably afraid of something right now and we know that people tend to be incredulous, but if you want to avoid all standard mistakes what new immigrants make, live in a comfortable and safe area in one of the most prosperous states, if you wonder to work in medical field, please, come! P.S.: if you need FREE advice, just call us; our experience and knowledge of local laws will help you get out of most difficult situations! Finally, I decided to call them; we talked for a few hours, discussed all important things. Brokers of JE clearly explained me everything from how much money I heed to have for a good life during the first few months to when I’ll get my job (I started working on the third day after our arrival even though they promised to find it within 7-10 days) and where we are going to live (by the way, in the end rent expenses turned out less than we agreed and my son went to one of the best schools in MA).

Our main goal at that time was to get to Boston, MA – and then go “step by step”!

Employees of Job Exchange met us at the airport, and immediately drove (tired and hungry) to the apartment already prepared for us in advance (that is how we avoided the loss of money for hotels). Next day I filled out a questionnaire in their office and as I already mentioned before I have been working from the 3rd day after arrival. In addition, during the first week with a JE agent, we solved other necessary important life problems (opened a bank account, applied for Social Security card, got a new phone number and etc.), competent and experienced people who have been staying in this country for a long time helped me a lot. They have never denied any of my requests for help.

If you still do not believe that I am real and think it is an advertising, find me on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Telegram) and feel free to ask questions.