Permanent and temporary accommodation in the USA

Permanent and temporary accommodation in the USA

If you are planning to move to America in the near future, your housing should be cleverly chosen and all the nuances should be taken into account. 

To rent an apartment in the US, you need to spend a lot of time looking for a suitable option, even being inside of the country, and not always it will be successful. 

If you won a Green Card or received a job offer and are going to move to the United States as soon as possible, you should entrust the matter to professionals. Why? There is an example: arriving in the U.S., you will most likely end up in such a situation that you find a decent option for $2,000/month with all the conditions that you like, and immediately wish to move there with your family. But there is one big issue:  you will need to pay $8,000 ($2,000 – for the first month, $2,000 – for the last one, $2,000 – deposit because you do not have a credit score in the USA, and another $2,000 as a broker fee for the services). Thus, you have to spend a huge amount of money, which you probably do not have. In this case, due to ignorance of these factors, many people rent cheap uncomfortable apartments in poor criminal areas, and their children go to schools with bad reputation, etc. Moreover, this leads to different consequences in the future. 

Job Exchange brokers will not only find an apartment for clients, but also sign a lease agreement as guarantors; and there is no need to pay a broker fee, and the security deposit will be charged for the rent, so you can cut your expenses in half! 

In addition, when you arrive in the United States, you will have an opportunity to live in temporary housing at the rate of $50/night, instead of paying $100- $150/night in hotels, and at the same time, our specialists will drive you around and show the best options, where you can move in for a long time.