It has become cheaper at $143 to travel to USA from Russia

It has become cheaper at $143 to travel to USA from Russia

Americans cancelled the additional fee for a visa, introduced in the beginning of 2019. Now a three-year visa to the United States for Russians again costs $160. 

We are talking about the cost of tourist and business visas in the United States for Russian citizens (B1/B2), which is usually valid for 36 months. Earlier the social and TV media reported that the United States introduces an additional (mirror) fee for tourist and business visas for Russians, because the visa to Russia for US citizens has risen in the cost as well. 

It is difficult to say what exactly caused the increase in the price of a visa, and then, literally in 2 months, its reverse decrease to the old mark of $160. Could this difference ($143) be so significant that the number of people applying for a visa has decreased markedly compared to the last year? Or did Russia, for its part, make concessions and reduce the cost of a visa for Americans? It remains only to guess. 

Anyways, we are pleased to announce that now a trip to America will be cheaper for $143!