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   Real Estate
  Immigration Services

  Business Development
  Special Event Organization
  Discount Auto Purchase
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    Our Employment division focuses on finding high quality personnel to meet each employer’s requirements. Since our services are free for employers, we have an extensive selection of job seekers who realize that by cooperating with us they get to expand their own choice of available vacancies. It is in each company’s interest to work with us simply because it costs them nothing.

    Real estate:

    We provide all kinds of real estate services, including sales and leasing houses, condominiums, and commercial property across Massachusetts, as well as renting holiday properties in other states. Our real estate services are unique because we do not charge for the property search. Before clients move in, we provide property assessment and cleaning at no cost.  Moreover, we run a background check on every prospective tenant to save the time and effort of the landlords.

    Immigration Services:

    Throughout years in the business we have had hundreds of lawyers practicing various fields of law and we have been continuing only with the best of them. You can therefore trust our experience when choosing the right lawyer for your particular case. Just call us and tell us about your situation so we could help you find the best solution.
    We advise you to have all paperwork and other materials ready before you call.


    Through our well established relationships with colleges and universities in Boston and its surrounding areas, we provide excellent continuous education opportunities in the USA at discounted rates. You may choose among a variety of courses – language, IT, medical and drivers’ training (including CDL).

    Business Development:

    While in Massachusetts you can start any business of your own. Before you get to do it you should have a clear understanding of your commercial objectives, who would your partners be, what licenses would be required, what type of insurance would be best for you, where and how to advertise your business and a lot more.
    You will definitely have questions concerning the type of business, property rental and hiring your employees. We will also help you to avoid many problems which you may encounter trying to save money on professional services and advisers making your own way through the sophisticated intricacy of the US legal system and realities of doing business in the US.

    Events Planning and Management:

    If you want to organize a banquet for your employees, a family celebration or a formal event, do not waste your time, money and effort to do it by yourself not really knowing what's going to come out of that! We will get you in touch with professionals from our database who will be happy to organize a turnkey event for you including entertainment, catering, visual and audio etc.

    Purchasing a Car:

    It is well-known that driving a car is an important part of your every-day life in the US. When buying a car you should be certain that it is in a good condition and it won't break at the moment you need it the most. All this can be done with the help from qualified specialists – dealers, mechanics and others who will be happy to help you find the best vehicle for you.

    Additional Services:

    Our Company provides a great variety of other services besides employment and real estate, educational programs and immigration advice. In cooperation with our partners and with the support of city administrations on Newton, Brookline and Stoughton a video and photo production Studio Sunday TV was organized to offer you great opportunities for advertising and marketing your business as well as any photo, video and printing services for you personally. The experienced team of professionals will help you to develop a web site, make your TV show, install security cameras and many, many more!